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Make A Sudoku Book


Step 1: - Go to You may add any index/calendar sudoku or saved sudoku to this book. Up to 21 Sudokus (16 by 16, 9 by 9, 4 by 4, 3 by 3, or 2 by 2) can be added to this book.


Step 2 - The default number of sudokus you can made is 11. You may adjust the number by dragging the range bar. After your choose a number, click "Begin Making Sudoku Book".
The picture below shows the range bar which you can drag.


How many Sudokus you want to include in this book


Step 3 - Enter your preface text. When you finish, click "Next".
The picture below shows the preface page.


Sudoku Book Preface


Step 4 - If you want to load a saved Sudoku, click "Load" and choose the saved Sudoku. Once a sudoku is selected, click "Load" and then "Close".
If you want an Indexed or Calendar Sudoku 9×9 Sudoku, click "9×9 Sudoku Ooptions" and select one. Once a sudoku is selected, click "Save Changes" and then "Close". After a Sudoku is loaded, click "Next" to customize next Sudoku, or you can click "Previous" to modify the previous Sudoku. The pictures below show a sudoku page, loading a saved sudoku dialogue, and loading an Indexed Sudoku, or a Calendar Sudoku dialogue


A Sudoku
Load a Saved Sudoku
9 by 9 Sudoku Options


Step 5 - Enter your postface text. When you finish, click "Submit".
The picture below shows the postface page, and the dialogue after clicking "submit".


Sudoku Book Preface
Sent the Sudoku book



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