Who Created this Website?

My name is Alexandra Harner. I graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a doctoral degree in Computer Science. My research directions were Machine Learning and Constraint Satisfaction Problems. I invented (found) a reverse engineering method to make a Sudoku puzzle within minutes. This method, I also call Fill Remove Method, is explained in detail in the Amazon book CREATE CLASSIC SUDOKU: Make Your Own in Minutes

I also wrote this website to help you learn how to solve a Sudoku puzzle and how to make a sudoku puzzle.

What is this Sudoku website about?

If you are a registered member, for every Indexed Sudoku, or Calendar Sudoku from this website, you can get the information how the sudoku was made in a step-by-step style and how the sudoku can be solved in a step-by-step style.

You can also save Sudokus and manage sudokus.

You can also personalize the appearance of your Sudoku Grid to whatever color and thickness you want.

You can make sudokus in your way, or using our Fill Remove method.

You can solve any sudoku by loading from other websites, books, and newspapers. We have a smart sudoku picture recognition feature.

The main features of this website are available at HELP CENTER

Please feel free to offer suggestions to me by dropping me an email at create.classic.sudoku AT gmail (the rest you can figure it out).